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 A Little Bit of Paradise

ALBPThe adventure of the garden only 6 acres began in 1993 in a small village in Hainault, a few kilometers from Lille. From the city, I had no idea of ​​the style of garden that I wanted to create . The pool was already present but side plants , only a few conifers and cherry laurels gave a little greenery . So I documented the library and I was very impressed with books on Gertrude Jekyll , Christopher Lloyd and even the art of gardening by Martha Stewart ( very eclectic all! ) . The big favorite was for David Austin's English Roses . Then the revelation came the series " Paradise Gardens " at the BBC by Geoff Hamilton: the garden of an elderly couple breathed happiness and serenity.
The pergola was quickly built and installed glycine.
The massive base is of course the roses ( 183 at last count ) associated with many geraniums and other perennials. This is essentially a summer garden.

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