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The garden of French elegance for the new gentlewoman !

Valérie StaehlyCarried by my fascination for nature and the love and support of my husband and daughter, I found the will to set up a business and launch the brand Elégante Eglantine®. This name is in harmony with my passion for gardens, fashion, cooking and children. There is indeed a place that holds my particular affection, a place of great calm and tenderness, and that is my vegetable garden! There lies the source that nourishes my loved-ones, family and friends and it is there that I find appeasement.

Established in France, Elégante Eglantine® manufactures in the Douro Valley in Portugal, at the gates of our beautiful country. As the seasons go by, this top-ofthe-
range line will ensure you high-quality, practical, comfortable clothes, designed for work as well as for leisure activities.

The unique collection revealed in this catalogue is the fruit of lengthy reflection, meticulous work and great rigor.
May this abundant harvest please your eye and inspire you to sow the seeds and reap the harvest in the gardens of your lives.

Warm regards,